Perry County Indiana Sheriff's Office

Inmate Communication


Phone time may be purchased in person using the Combined Public Communications (CPC) kiosk in the entrance of the jail. There are three ways to purchase phone time:

  • In person at the Perry County Detention Center 
  • Go Online:
  • By Phone: 1-877-998-5678

Please be aware that there are two (2) types of phone time that may be purchased:

  • Pin Debit – Inmate may call any number he/she likes with phone time
  • Prepaid – Inmate may only call the phone number you have purchased talk-time for

Phone time purchased cannot be transferred to commissary or refunded if the inmate leaves the facility.

If you have an inquiry about phone time please contact Combined Public Communications (CPC) at 1-877-998-5678

Mail Correspondence

All correspondence, including money orders, must have a complete return name and address and be addressed in the following format:

Your Full Name
1234 Your Street
City, State, Zip

Inmate’s Full Name (including middle initial)
C/O Perry County Detention Center
2211 Herrman Street
Tell City, IN 47586

Doe, John W.
C/O Perry County Detention Center
2211 Herrman Street
Tell City, IN 47586

The Perry County Detention Center has strict mail procedures that must be followed for the safety and security of the facility, staff, and inmates. Please follow these guidelines and rules to reduce delays and ensure a timely delivery of mail. 

ALL unacceptable or improperly addressed inmate mail will be returned to sender.

Mail Guidelines and Rules

A full name (first and last) and return address must appear on the mail. Items received without this will be marked “Return to Sender”. We do no accept mail identified for example as “The Smith’s”, “Mom & Dad”, “John”, etc. as a return address. Third Party mail is NOT allowed. Return address and name must reflect the enclosed author’s true identity.

Money orders are acceptable forms of money for credit through the mail to an inmate’s account. All other forms of money received in the mail will be returned. 

Unauthorized items in or attachments on any mail item, such as glue, tape, stickers, lipstick, glitter, staples, paperclips, post-it notes, or paint are prohibited. Crayon or colored ink drawings are not allowed. Stamps, blank paper, cardboard, card stock, and envelops or machine-stamped envelopes are prohibited. 

Items with perfume, cologne, or other such fragrances are prohibited. This includes perfumed ink. No foreign or unidentifiable substances in or on any mail item is allowed.

Sexually explicit / inflammatory material is prohibited.

Material that threatens or is detrimental to the security, good order and discipline of the facility is prohibited. No drawings/pictures associated with gang affiliations of any type will be allowed. Correspondence using code, including gang slang, code words, nicknames, monikers, ets. are prohibited. 

Mail which may be in violation of federal or state law.

Hand, courier or mail with postage due will not be accepted.

Newspapers, magazines, books or other periodicals must be received directly from the publisher or book clubs such as Barnes and Noble.

How to Appeal Mail Rejections

The sender has the right to appeal the decision to reject the correspondence by writing a letter to the Jail Commander within seven (7) days of receipt of notice. If you disagree with the Jail Commander’s decision, you may appeal to the Sheriff. You must write a letter for each step within seven (7) days of receipt of the prior decision. The Sheriff’s decision is final. Inmates shall use the grievance system to appeal mail related issues.