Perry County Indiana Sheriff's Office

Posting Bond

Bond schedule is determined by the court. We cannot alter or change a bond amount unless dictated by the Judge.

If you would like to post bond for an inmate you may do so with Cash or Credit Card. We do not deal with property bonds here at the Detention Center. If you would like to pursue a property bond please contact an attorney.

A cash deposit of ten-percent (10%) of the surety is required to be posted for an inmate to make bail. Be aware that some offenses are “no bond” circumstances.

As pursuant to IC # 35-8-3-2(a)(2) if the defendant is convicted the court may retain all or a part of the cash deposit to pay fines, costs, fees, and restitution. Further, a portion of the cash deposit, not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the monetary value of the deposit or fifty dollars ($50.00), whichever is the lesser amount, may be retained as an administrative fee. Also, five-dollars ($5.00) shall be retained for the Police Special Death Benefit Fund.

The clerk shall also retain from the cash bond under this subsection the following:
(A) Fines, costs, restitution as ordered by the court
(B) Publicly paid costs of representation shall be deposited by the clerk in the supplemental public defender fund

Methods for Bond Payment

Pay In Person

You may come to the lobby of the jail or the clerk’s office in person with cash (must be present with exact change) or a major credit, debit, or prepaid debit card.

Pay Online

You may use a major credit, debit, or prepaid debit card over the phone or internet using

You will need:

  • Arrestee’s name
  • Booking Number (if you don’t have this, call the Sheriff’s office at 812-547-2441).
  • Pay Location Code # (PLC): 6903 or 6904
  • Cash Bail or Bond Amount

Notice of Service Charge:
GovPay charges a 7% service fee for all transaction in addition to the amount of bond paid.

Pay by Phone


Pay Location Code (PLC): 6904 or 6903
You will need the Booking Number (if you don’t have this, call the Sheriff’s office at 812-547-2441)