Perry County Indiana Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Sales

You can find information on auctioned property through¬†SRI, the company which assists the Sheriff’s Office with Sheriff’s Sales. Listings are updated regularly. Please remember the Sheriff’s Office does not have access inside the houses and does not make appointments to show houses.

For assistance please contact Deputy Richard Kratzer at (812) 547-2441.

Sheriff Sale Guidelines

Terms of Sale:

The Sheriff offers NO warranties on the real estate. This is a Buyer Beware sale and all sales are final. This sale is subject to all liens, encumbrances, and easements of record.

Successful Bidders

You will need to complete a proof of purchase form after the sale concludes and must be turned in before you leave the auction site.

Successful buyers are responsible for completing their own Sales Disclosure Form.

Successful buys are responsible for all current payments of Real Estate Property Taxes.

Method of Payment

Total purchase price is due by 3:00 P.M. of the date of sale. Pay by cashiers check made payable to the County Sheriff.

Failure to Pay

Payment must be received by 3:00 P.M. of the date of sale.

Failure to pay will result in your being responsible for damages and deficiencies pursuant to I.C. 32-29-7-9.